You upload an image and watermark it invisibly

You type in your email address, choose the image you want to watermark and upload it. The now created (and invisible) watermark is proof that the image definitely belongs to you.

The watermarking algorithm detects parts of the image that are easily alterable without being perceptible by the human eye. These parts will be used for your invisible watermark.

You download the marked image to your computer and are now ready to share it with your clients or on your website.


We find your image on the internet and notify you

We periodically search the Internet for your images and inform you about the results.


You decide whether you want to take legal action

For each image that has been watermarked, you will be provided with an email containing a link. This link allows you to analyse suspicious images that might be yours.

Subsequently you can decide whether the sources are alright.

If your image was found in an inappropriate space, you should contact the website's owners and as the circumstances require take legal action.


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