Frank the photographer

The Problem

Frank is a professional photographer. He is selling his licensed images to clients such as agencies or travel portals. When passing on these images, he often finds himself thinking about the following:

  • Where and how are my images used on the Internet?
  • Do I miss revenue?
  • Might a misuse of my images harm my reputation?

A few weeks ago, Frank found one of his images by chance on another website. The operators of this site haven't bought a license from him. This has strengthened his fears.

The problem

Invisible Watermarks

By using, Frank can include invisible watermarks as a hidden copyright information in his images.

The watermarking process analyzes the image - which regions can be changed without the human eye noticing.

Thus, Frank's copyright information is invisibly and inseparably linked to the image.

It is important that Frank is only distributing the watermarked images using signili.

The solution

Automated Alerting

Frank will be informed by signili about whether someone else is using his watermarked images:

  • signili is frequently searching the Internet for images that look similar to Frank's.
  • If such images are found, signili will examine them on Frank's hidden watermark.
  • If the image contains Frank's copyright information, he will be informed via mail.


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