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Do you want to mark your images with our lightroom plugin instead?

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Why do you need my email?

Once your image has been marked, you will receive an email containing a detection link. This link leads you to your personal review page where you can check whether a suspicious image contains your watermark. Do not give this email out to other people, as they otherwise may read your watermark. We also use your email address to generate your watermark and to assign it to you sometime later.

The photo must meet the following requirements in the free trial version:

  • is at least as big as 300px x 300px (no large monochromatic areas).
  • has a minimum of color variation (or grey scale).
  • is not a graphic (= vector-based/pixel-based graphics).
  • has been uploaded in JPEG format (no PNG, SVG, TIFF, GIF, RAW, ...).
  • the compression ratio is low enough.