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By uploading an image I accept the terms of use and hereby conclude a corresponding free usage agreement.
What happens to my data?

Where are you transferring my data to?

The data is stored in our database in the EU.

Why do you need this data?

The email address is required for service-relevant contact and to embed your unique watermark in your images.

The uploaded image is needed to embed the watermark inside.

Who will see this data?

The data can be viewed by employees of cosee GmbH for analysis and troubleshooting purposes.

When will this data be deleted?

The data will be deleted after termination of the contract.

How can I delete the entered data?

Write us an email to [email protected], with request for cancellation of the contract.

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signili desktop application

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Why do you need my email?

We are using your email address to generate your watermark and to later verify that the images is yours.

The photo must meet the following requirements in the free trial version:

  • is at least as big as 300px x 300px (no large monochromatic areas).
  • has a minimum of color variation (or grey scale).
  • is not a graphic (= vector-based/pixel-based graphics).
  • has been uploaded in JPEG format (no PNG, SVG, TIFF, GIF, RAW, ...).
  • the compression ratio is low enough.